In-House Training: Stages and Tuition Fees

In-House Training: Stages and Tuition Fees Print E-mail

I stage: assessing language levels and administering placement tests, if necessary 
stage: designing the study program according to the tests' results and the target of the course
stage: determining the cost of the training on the basis of the following price list of teaching general language:

of participants
of the course
Tuition fee
per ac/h
starting from

Total cost
of the course
1-2 30 ac/h €32
1-2 60 ac/h


3-7 30 ac/h €34
3-7 60 ac/h €32
8-12 30 ac/h €36
8-12 60 ac/h €34
13-16 30 ac/h €38
13-16 60 ac/h €36
  • 22% of VAT will be added to the total
  • Additional 10-50% for tuition of business or specialist languages will be negotiated and agreed upon depending on the field and its share in the course. In case of certain fields or special requests, we may need an additional preparation stage. 
  • If applicable, transport and/or parking cost will be added to the tuition fee. 
  • Your company and its employees are entitled to 10% discount if you are a customer company and/or order follow-up courses (more than 60 ac/h)
  • As a rule, the tuition fee includes study materials. If, at your request, we order specific textbooks, etc. for each learner, the corresponding sum may be added to the tuition fee. 

IV stage: running the course

  • The classes take place according to a timetable agreed upon by the organizer and the tutor. 
  • During the training, the tutor keeps account of the learners' attendance and academic progress; the parties keep each other informed.

V stage:  assessment of results (tests, certificates, report to the customer company) within the training order or as an additional testing service, as agreed.