Translation and Interpretation Services

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Interpretation services

Regular price
per hour
Price for loyal customers
per hour
Simultaneous interpretation:
English/Finnish -Estonian,
2 interpreters
1 interpreter
1 interpreter
Legal consecutive interpretation:
English/Finnish -Estonian,
minimum order 1 hour
Consecutive interpretation: €83-€110 €70-€96
  • The price of consecutive interpretation depends on the content and bulk of the order. Depending on the length of the service, the service can be rendered by one interpreter- in this case the price is negotiable. 
  • As a rule, simultaneous interpretation is rendered by 2 interpreters; 1 interpreter can be ordered by way of exception- the price is negotiable.
  • The material to be interpreted is to be presented and the booking/order (schedule and budget) is to be confirmed at least 1 week before the service is rendered; it may not be possible to make any changes later than that. The invoice shall be made on the basis of confirmed booking as the minimum order.
  • The minimum order of legal interpretation is 1 hour, which is generally sufficient. Longer services shall be invoiced by 0.5 h. 
  • 22% of VAT is added to the total cost.

Translation services

Translation services Prices in euros 
per unit page 
(1800 char)

Into Estonian and Russian
from English, Russian and Finnish 
From Estonian and Russian
into English, Russian and Finnish
Into Estonian
from German, Spanish and Italian
From Estonian and Russian
into German, Latvian, Lithuanian and Italian
Into Estonian and Russian
from Swedish and Turkish
From Estonian/Russian
into Swedish, Italian and Turkish
From a foreign lg into a foreign lg
Technical work €20/h
50% of the rate
  • The discount for loyal customers is 10%
    Please note that VAT of 22 will be added to the total price of the service.
  • The above given rates apply to regular translations (2-4 pages per day).
  • In case you need the translation on the date of the order, the rate will be 50% higher, but the acceptance of such translation is negotiable at all times.
  • Depending on the nature of the text, we may have to negotiate on additional quotient of 30-50%.

During the twenty-three years of business, we have rendered translation and interpretation services in various fields, e.g.
corporate documentation (job descriptions, employment  contracts,  newsletters, ISO materials): Fortum Elekter, If P&C Insurance, Vaba Maa, Krimelte
menus and advertising materials for hotels: St Olaf's Hotel, St Barbara Restaurant
real estate business: Eri, Rotermann, Ostuekspress
contracts: Galvex, Infoatlas/1185, Rotermann Eesti, UAB Wrigley, If P&C Insurance
accountancy/finance: Humana, MAP Eesti, Riviera, Stockmann OY, Ecovis/Vesiir
project documentation: Estonian Folk Culture Development and Training Centre, Santora Invest
tourism: training materials for Enterprise Estonia Tourism Development Centre
websites:, Rotermann, MTÜ Lootuse Küla
medicine: Orion Pharma, Kern AG
educational and promotional materials: MTÜ Lootuse Küla, UAB Wrigley



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