Tuition Fees in 2023/2024

Tuition Fees in 2023/2024 Print E-mail


  • 5% for the holders of ISIC and ITIC cards;
  • 10% for employees of customer companies; for enrolling on a follow-up course after 60 ac/h.

On concluding a contract, you can pay the tuition fee by instalments. As a rule, the tuition fee includes teaching materials.

Subject/Mode of tuition Tuition fee per person for ac/h Tuition fee per person for the course
For in-house training, please see a separate price list
Basics of tourist guiding,
7-10 participants
€7.20  Basic module
100 ac/h: €720 
Individual tuition of tourist guiding €30  40 ac/h: €1200            -
Estonian, Finnish, Russian, English, German, Swedish, French, Italian, Turkish and Spanish
- individual tuition of general language for 1-2 participants
2 x €15    

60 ac/h: €1800
2 x €900

from €25 +VAT(+transport)
General language in groups,
4-8 participants

60 ac/h: €576
120 ac/h: €1152

from €28 +VAT(+transport)
Specialist languages, individual tuition      
- business, economics, accountancy
€30-€42  negotiable negotiable
- real estate, legal, medicine, other 

€30-€42 negotiable negotiable

The fees include 20% of VAT (excl in-house training).

As we are a registered training provider (Notice of Business Activities No 166037), relevant income tax shall be returned on declaring your income in Estonia.